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ENSEMBLE FESTIVAL - November 15, 2019    4:15-8:15 pm
Entry forms available on the OMTA State web site: 
*Deadline for entries October 15, 2019
$10 entry fee  per entrant or $20 for Duos, etc.
Kim Despain, Chair
Entries may be sent to Kim Despain at
2726 Eastlake DR SE, Salem OR 97306

Location: St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Ensemble playing helps students learn to count rhythm, listen better, and have a fun social time--a mini-orchestra!

FALL SYLLABUS - November 7-9, 2019
*Deadline for entries October 7
Linda Greer, Chairman
Sign up link: Leggiero Software
Fall Syllabus provides an additional option for students to have their theory and repertoire evaluated.

CLASSICAL FESTIVAL - Saturday, November 2, 2019
Applications and payment must be received, not postmarked, by Saturday, October 13th, 2018.
The entry fee is $16 per student. Enclose one check payable to OMTA Salem District and a copy of your MTNA member ID. Mail to :

Entry form click here  
Bethany Evans and Crystal Zimmerman, Chairs
Oregon State Capitol
Saturday, December 7, 2019  1:00 - 2:00 students of  Kim Despain
Sign up at September meeting or contact Georgene Distad, Chairman

A fun way to celebrate the season, in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere--a 'no stress' recital.
CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON - Friday 6, December  2019
11:30 at Marco Polo Restaurant
Chairmen: Marilyn Reischke
A fun time with great food and fellow teachers!
BACH FESTIVAL -  Saturday, February 8, 2020
 Deadline for entries: January 18, 2020

Kellene Goff, Chair
Location: First Presbyterian Church
Sign up link:
$15 entry fee

Student compositions are adjudicated during April. Winners are chosen and invited to perform for the OMTA state Composition Celebration.
Entry form available here 
Chairman: TBD
Student compositions are exciting and a great way to learn written theory!

Recitals scheduled on the hour, morning recitals
Hudson Hall, Willamette University
$10.00 entry fee per recital for each student
Student Entry Form available here 
Non-adjudicated recitals
Repertoire Any style repertoire; solo or ensemble.
This recital is a chance for students to create artwork to complement their
repertoire. Music and art-making are intertwined and often enrich one another. Creating
art along with music is like escaping into another world and emerging with a souvenir.
For this recital, students are encouraged to create a piece of artwork inspired by their
musical selection. As they practice and live with the music, please consider having the
student also create a concrete realization of their abstract musical vision. The artwork
can be any medium: drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, poetry, etc. During the
performance, the artwork will be projected on stage and will be available to view before
and after the recital. Hudson Hall is a wonderful performance opportunity for students to
see a college campus and perform on stage with a 9 foot Hamburg Steinway.
This event is a fundraiser for the OMTA Willamette Collegiate Chapter.

Recitals are filled on a first-come basis. All materials must be in the mail two days prior
to the deadline.

Deadlines: Student Entry form must be received by Friday, April 24, 2019.
Artwork: must be received by Monday, April 24, 2019.
Artwork can be sent to our address or dropped off at the music office during regular
business hours.

Chair Crystal Zimmerman, Willamette Chapter Students

Mail form, fees, and artwork to:
MTNA Willamette Collegiate Chapter
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301
May 15-17, 2020    Kellene Goff, chair

May 15-17, 2020    Deborah Butler, chair
Syllabus exams take place in various teacher studios.
Teachers can register and enter students for Syllabus at Leggiero Software
Syllabus Fees:

Area 1, Deborah Butler, Chairman
*Deadline for Area 1 is April 24
Teachers: Beals, D. Butler, H. Butler, Dougherty, Eilers, Evans, Fields, Foster, Galusha, Greenleaf, Halferty, Hall, Hickenlooper,  Knauss. Morrison,  Nava, Parks, Richard, Suzuki, Taylor, Tomassetti, Walker. 

Area 2, Kellene Goff, Chairman
Deadline for area 2 is April 24
Teachers: Bernhard, Crawford, Despain, Distad, Galua, Goff,  Greer, Ivanitsky, King, Leonard, Mayhew, Morelli, Norman, Reischke, Seounga, Smith, Steinbach, Weathers, Zimmerman.

Strings, Holly Butler, Chairman
Date TBD
*Deadline for entries Saturday, April 24, 2020

$5 entry fee
Bethany Evans, Chairman
This recital is for piano students in grades 8, 9, 10 with a $50 award for winners.
It is to be held at Willamette University.
Entry form available here  

*Deadline for entries Saturday, April 24, 2020

$20 entry fee
Entry form available here
Crystal Zimmerman, Chairman
This scholarship is open to students in grades 6-12 who have successfully completed a full Syllabus evaluation in the 2019-2020 school year. Students should enter according to their level in Syllabus. The students will be grouped into 3 divisions: Syllabus levels 4-5, Levels 6-7, and Levels 8-10. Students are required to play 2 compositions. One must be from the Baroque era, and the other may be from either the Classical, Romantic, or Contemporary period. Repertoire must match the student's Syllabus level. (Please refer to the suggested compositions in the OMTA Syllabus Repertoire.) An award of $200 will be given for each of the three divisions. This will be held at Willamette University.